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Company Culture

Corporate Vision

● Rooted in the Chinese market, with international resources, we can provide customers with professional overall surface treatment solutions.


● Committed to becoming an "elite force" in the industry, with a high degree of concentration and innovative spirit, with international standards as the yardstick, independently research and develop technology that leads the development of the industry, and at the same time introduce world-leading technology and technology to drive the progress of the industry.

Guangzhou ULTRA UNION Chemical Co., Ltd.

Corporate Philosophy

Leading Technology


With independent development capabilities, advanced analysis and testing facilities, test plating lines, etc., and an international team to jointly develop world-leading technologies and share research results, to ensure that customers are provided with more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and better quality products product.

● Standard Light Source Box ● Thickness Gauge ● Wastewater Treatment ● Spectrophotometer ● Metallographic Microscope ● Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing Machine ● Gas Chromatograph ● Salt Spray Corrosion Testing Machine ● Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer ● UV-Vis Spectrophotometer




Guangzhou ULTRA UNION Chemical Co., Ltd.

Excellent Service


Active in technical service centers all over the country for a long time, it is its mission to provide high-quality and efficient services; it has a young and united team, with a dedicated, dedicated and professional attitude, to help customers improve their market competitiveness and become a trusted partner of customers. friendly partner

● Product application and troubleshooting ● Electroplating industry quality and training ● Full production line management support ● Make our customers more competitive


Guangzhou ULTRA UNION Chemical Co., Ltd.

Friendly Environment


Adhere to the concept and commitment of "environmentally friendly", do not use heavy metals and hazardous substances, and adopt environmentally friendly products that can reduce environmental impact and waste disposal costs, so as to preserve a clear blue sky for the next generation.

● The development of new technology also adheres to the principle of environmental protection, and realizes the commitment to environmental protection through various methods such as research and development of new technology that does not need to use raw materials that harm the environment, increasing the production capacity of customers, and reducing the degree of environmental pollution.
● Meet the requirements of ELV, RoHS & WEEE, meet the requirements of ELV End-of-Life Vehicle Directive, meet the requirements of the European Union's RoHS directive on restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment, and meet the requirements of the European Union's directive on WEEE waste electrical and electronic equipment.


Guangzhou ULTRA UNION Chemical Co., Ltd.

Elite Team

ULTRA UNION Spirit: Concentration, Concentration, Professionalism

"Employees uphold the spirit of in-depth scientific research, unremittingly study in their respective professional fields, and strive to become authoritative experts in their positions."

ULTRA UNION People: Vitality, Unity And Efficiency

● Youth, vitality, unity, enthusiasm, firm beliefs, professionalism, and efficiency.
● Continuous talent training and world-class management system inject new elements into the continuous improvement of employees' professional ability and work efficiency.


Guangzhou ULTRA UNION Chemical Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou ULTRA UNION Chemical Co., Ltd.

People History: Mr. Lai Huanwen


Managing Director of Guangzhou ULTRA UNION Chemical Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the research and development of surface treatment technology, surface engineering, metal corrosion and protection, and Timing for more than 20 years. Recently, he published the papers "The Latest Progress of Frontier Technology of Environmentally Friendly Electroplating", "Breakthrough of Trivalent Chromium Plating Decorative Chrome in Sulfate System", and developed environmentally friendly trivalent chromium plating and trivalent chromium passivation.

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